Why you should stay at Admiralty?

Admiralty is one of the beautiful and rapidly developing, residential neighborhoods in Woodlands, Singapore. Located east of Woodland’s Square, Admiralty offers one of the most attractive yet undervalued housing options in Singapore, which attracts jobseekers from many economic profiles. Historically, the neighborhood lies on the land of the former British Naval Base from which it derives its name.

It’s exposure to the north shores, and important geostrategic location also provides a lot of economic possibilities for investors, as can be seen by the vast array of planned development projects in the area.

Schools and Education

One of the reasons why you should consider moving to Admiralty is its amazing choice of educational institutions who provide top quality education. Additionally, the options for kindergarten and daycare centers are truly mesmerizing. Some of these institutions include Admiralty Primary School, Admiralty Secondary School, Woodlands Primary School, Thye Hua Kwan EIPIC Centre, PAP Community Foundation and much more.

The neighborhood also includes specialized schools such as eiMaths@Admiralty in mathematics and Only You Makeup House, a beauty school. One of the best colleges in the country, Republic Polytechnics, is located on the north shores of Woodlands. Admiralty also has its own driving test center, Singapore Safety Driving Centre.

Parks and Recreation

Admiralty and Woodlands also include large park spaces suitable for your outdoor entertainment activities. Due to the strong community commitment, these green spaces are always clean, fresh and ready to accept you and your family for an afternoon stroll or a game of Frisbee.

Mandai Tekong Park is located in the southeastern part of the city. It’s equipped with jogging tracks and outdoor exercise equipment. Other parks include Vista Park in the southernmost part of woodlands, Circle Green (a children’s playground) and Woodlands Crescent Park. The largest park in the city is Admiralty Park, located north of Republic Polytechnics, a large waterfront park, perfect for sunset observation as well as a casual stroll.

Transportation Infrastructure

One of the best reasons why you should stay in Admiralty is the well-developed infrastructure. The main subway station in the neighborhood is Admiralty MRT Station – one of the best equipped MRT stations in Singapore. It connects Admiralty to a large area of the city and offers a lot of shopping venues, services, and food joints. Like the rest of Admiralty, it’s always kept in pristine condition.

Admiralty also has a network of bus stations which offer a high-quality public transportation to its residents. Moreover, Woodlands Avenue 7, Admiralty Road, Woodlands Avenue 5 and another high-quality road, provide commuters with high quality driving infrastructure and little congestion during rush hour.


As a rapidly developing center, Admiralty attracted a lot of investors who have built shopping malls in the area. Here, you can choose from a vast array of shops to satisfy your shopping needs. Additionally, there are a tremendous number of services available in these economic centers – all within 1km. Some of the biggest shopping centers include Woodlands Mart, Admiralty Place, Kampung Admiralty, Vista Point, and Causeway Shopping Center – which is located on Woodland’s square.

In Summary

Admiralty offers a unique blend of high-quality services, affordable housing, and myriad parks. The neighborhood’s economic potential also makes Admiralty a highly sought-after area for both residents and businesses. As the projects of the Woodlands Region Center are realized, the city is expected to attract more than 70.000 jobs in the area.

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