Why steel buildings are better than wood or concrete buildings

There are a vast number of reasons why steel buildings are better than buildings made of wood or concrete. Steel is the perfect building material for most types of buildings. Considering factors such as the lower price, longer durability, smaller construction time, friendly environment impact, and other relevant facts about using steel as a building material, it is clearly the smartest choice when planning a building. Compared to concrete or wood, steel provides the most benefits regarding price, longevity, the environment, and maintenance. Structural steel isn’t only used for skyscrapers or large buildings. It’s becoming a popular building material for all sorts of modern buildings and homes.

Below is a list of the main reasons to use steel instead of other materials:

– Steel is stronger than other materials:

When comparing steel to other building materials, it should be noted that steel has the largest strength in relation to its weight. No other material has the same strength-to-weight ratio. Steel building frames support far more weight than the same amount of wood or concrete, just take a look at how reliable Steel and Metal Buildings are today.

– Extended durability and lower maintenance of steel buildings:

Steel buildings are much more durable, requiring lower maintenance when compared to concrete or wood buildings. Steel allows buildings to sustain all sorts of aggression, with minimal maintenance work. When paired with special building treatments, such as fire-resistant treatments, steel buildings are able to sustain even more damage. Steel frames don’t split, warp or twist, such as its wood counterpart does. Wood also has the extreme disadvantage of succumbing to termites and concrete usually requires constant repairs and other maintenance work.

– Building with steel saves you money:

Building with steel allows saving one-third of the construction labor cost when compared to wood. It also makes it possible to finish the building much faster. Using steel also provides more savings related to first time payments and lifetime expenses, as it requires very little maintenance, with minimal repairs and replacements.

– Extreme fire resistance of steel:

Steel is not combustible, so it doesn’t spread fires from other sources. It also has a very high melting point, of up to four thousand degrees. Steel buildings require a much smaller amount of fire protection than other buildings.

– Steel is friendly to the environment:

Steel is very recyclable, with only a small portion of demolished structural steel not being recycled, being the most recycled material in the U.S.A. A large amount of the steel that is used today already comes from recycled sources. On the other side, demolished concrete and used wood are trashed. The demolition of a steel building allows its components to be reused after being recycled. Using wood and concrete also leaves a lot of byproducts and trash on the building site, without the option of recycling.

– The versatility of steel:

Steel can be made to be used in an enormous amount of applications. Its versatility is above any other building material. Steel has the structural ability to be molded into any shape needed. With steel, architects are able to use all their artistic imagination while still designing safe and strong buildings such as large airplane hangers and skyscrapers.

– The resistance to environmental factors of steel:

Steel allows buildings to resist the strongest earthquakes, as it flexes with large loads instead of crushing and crumbling. It’s also resistant to mold, insects, and decay, being unable to absorb humidity. Steel buildings also usually resist all sorts of storms and floods very well.

Considering all these advantages of steel over other construction materials, it seems clear that it is the best choice regarding any new building project.

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