The intricacies of car detailing

Car detailing is a practice that has been in existence ever since the 18th century, car detailing involves using specialized tools and products to give your auto mobile a thorough clean from top to bottom to the interior. This cleaning process involves cleaning, scrubbing and polishing all major areas of the car like paint surface chassis and wheels, headlights, taillights, exterior trim, interior and the engine bay. Remember that Mobile Car Detailing Services do not involve car repairs nor paint jobs.

A number of tools, machines and cosmetic car-care products are needed for a full car detailing service to fully condition your vehicle with an aim of eliminating swirl marks , scratches and restoring the paint job when all these services are done right , your car should look almost as new as the day you bought it , this increases the resale value and reduces fuel consumption. All aspects of car detailing should be covered by all top car detailing companies that have standard prices which vary from the type of car you own and what level of service you need. An additional fee is usually added for more attention to detail, if you want the best quality shampoo, wax, upholstery or use of unique special machines and tools you will need to pay an additional fees, if you need engine cleaning, wheel detailing and dental removal you will pay an extra cost.

Body paint preservation is maintained through car detailing because usually the exterior paints is affected by a lot of factors and elements like dirt, dust, debris, swirls, sun rays and tiny dings. Scheduling frequent car detailing services will eliminate these signs and ensure a great looking paint surface. To achieve this fate car detailing companies use some of the best wax like Carnauba paste wax, Nu finish liquid car polisna or OPT optimum car wax that will protect and eliminate all marks and scratches from the body paint.

A good car detailing service should consist of both interior and exterior detailing. Detailing usually begins with exterior washing to allow softening of mud and dirt by applying foam which will consequently be brushed and scrubbed off to removing all the dirt mud . The foam is then washed off with a pressure pipe and dried using towels soaked into an automotive clay bar hence removing tightly bonded dirt giving you car a clear coat Lastly the paints waxed, adding a shiny layer of protection , then the windows , metal and rubber parts are also polished to sparkle the entire car.

Now there is the interior which consists of upholstery, rubber, metal and vinyl surfaces that are shampooed and vacuumed , mats and carpets are removed , vents are dusted and the surfaces from the metal , rubber or vinyl are polished using car care cosmetics such as blue coral DC22 , Turtle wax T44OR2W or the Meguiars G9719 carpet and upholstery cleaner which are among the best to give your interior a fresh , clean and comfortable feel.

When talking about car detailing there are a number of companies that provide theses services at different prices depending on were you are. You will need to check the internet for professional car detailing companies that provide only the best services in your area.

Hope our article on what is car detailing was informative , we have explained the basic process of cleaning restoring enhancing , protecting and choosing your car detailer , hope you enjoyed it , thanks.

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