The Importance of a Social Security Card


Social security card is a unique card that is a nine digit number which is issued by the government of United States to its citizens to act as a form of identification in all their operations and keep a track of their records. Its purpose has therefore increased thus being used as a form of paying of taxes to the state. The various types of security card include the one that reads “not valid for employment” thus cannot be used as a proof of work. Secondly, is the one that reads “valid for work only with DHS authorization which is issued to people who are have temporary work authorization .The third one is more common since it has the holder’s name and the number and other information that can be found on

Social Security Administration issued the social security card in November 1935 as a way to improve people’s security. On December 1936, Joseph L selected a record and announced that the first number to be given to John David Sweeney. People were not able to obtain social security card until they reached a certain age since the number was used for taxation and those young Barely had any source of income. The tax reform act of 1986 suggested that parents to list the number of dependent children and this helped since they would not lie on the number of children they had.  In 1998, the age for dependent was lowered to 2 years and later in the 90’s it was further much reduced to 1 year old thus making it a compulsory for everyone to acquire a social security card regardless of the age. A social security card can be linked together with birth certificate since they are both issued at child’s birth. The card serves various purposes.

Firstly, the main reason for the development and creation of security card was to track individuals account and operations. It has therefore led to being a form of identification in the United States since everyone has got access to one. The social security administration has been playing a major role by producing of these numbers. Some of the records like employee and student are linked with the social security card thus becoming more essential.The US Armed forces has used the social security card as a form of identification during the early 70’s but later was replaced with a much complicated number. In 2011, the campaign of removing social security number in army identification card was started and replaced by a more complex one. Social security was created for taxation purpose and thus the religious group was against, thus creating a rebellious group where some people opted not to join the social security program. However, a social security number is needed so as parents can Claim their children as dependents. For federal income tax, all companies and organizations have to find a security number from their employees.

Since everyone in the United State owns a social security card it was used as a form of identification though it had been stated not to be used for that purpose. Since there has been an increase in social security card it is becoming hard for people to get some services like bank loan without one, also a company may fail to employ a person who does not have a social security card which is becoming more essential.

When the social security was introduced it was meant to be used for identification and tracking of people’s records. Currently, it is being used for identity and also for keeping track of individuals and calculate their earning so as to be able to calculate their social security benefits. Many organizations will tend to ask for social security card from their employees to enhance easy identification. Due to the risk of fraud, one has to keep the card safe to prevent it being used in committing crimes.

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