The dangers of losing your child’s social security card

Your social security number is an unique id which is connected with literally every digitally accessible service around you .To stress on the point all of your sensitive information bank accounts, tax returns, driver’s license information, residence information, ATM pin no, credit card ,fingerprint is connected with it . As for your child’s social security number  it can be said your child’s economic future will be in jeopardy if it is lost.

If your child’s social security card is not stolen but simply lost then the first problems will be the social security card replacement for children

    • You would not be able to apply to new schools as almost all schools require a social security no.
    • You will be denied from children’s welfare programs sponsored by the government and such other social programs.
    • One very serious problem will be without a social security no. your child will not be able to have a bank account or be associated with one or own a credit card.
    • A technical problem will be ssn cards are given to US citizens only so if it is lost your child’s national identity is lost.

Now coming to the more serious issue – what if it is stolen i.e identity theft

    • Various sensitive information can be collected and misused and sold
    • USA  offers various tax cuts for people with children for example dependency exemption where you can clam income tax cuts per dependent as per your income group. There are also tax credits you can claim for children under 17 (1000$ credit). You can also claim the child dependent care credit for children under 13. There are also earned tax credit for guardians with income below a certain level. But all these benefits can be stolen in case of an identity theft
    • One of the biggest danger is that criminal records can be manipulated. To put it in simple terms the thief commits a crime but your child will be one who is guilty
    • If your bank account is linked with your child’s social security number as well as yours the thief will have no problem withdrawing money and other financial information
    • You may start receiving unpaid bills of things you never bought and also unpaid credit card debt
    • Your child’s college fund can be stolen. While filling out SAT forms there is an optional requirement to give your dependents social security number
    • An identity thief can use your money to attend college without you knowing and similarly also apply to school at your expense.

In the recent years there has been a bump in identity theft with more than 11.6 million third degree victims and 41 million first degree victims. In july 2017 occurred the Equifax scandal which was not reported until September . Hackers took sensitive information of more 145 million people which means social security numbers of 145 million is hacked .This information can be collected and used

So as of now there is a 50% chance your child is danger of identity theft

What can you do to prevent your child’s identity theft –

Don’t give out your child’s ssn without reading all details. Be on a lookout for alarming events and bills you know nothing of .Find out who might have access. Regularly check your child’s credit expenditure. If your child’s credit info is being misused- block the card. Contact your credit card company and give a fraud alert. File a report with child services

If you can prevent breaches in your sensitive info then you will be able minimize chances of identity theft of your child.

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