Picking the best hair trimmer


A hair trimmer from beardcareshop.com/philips-norelco-beard-trimmer-series-7200/ or any kind is used to cut or trim human hair to a desired size. As hair trimmers come in different types and sizes, the choice for the best hair trimmer is affected by several factor. These factor depends on the user requirement. This paper aims at identifying factors to be considered while picking the best hair trimmers.

First, the quality of the blade is an important factor to be considered. Blades are the ones used to cut or trim of the hair. Thus the quality of the blade determines how better one is able to cut the hair. Some hair trimmers comes with blades that are self sharpening. One should consider choosing hair trimmer with blades that can be used for a long time without requiring to be replaced or sharpened. Research shows that blades made of different materials like ceramic, carbon-titanium are self sharpening (Lau and Yan.2004). It also important to consider blades that are made of materials that do not corrode easily since these hair trimmers are likely to come into contact with water.

Usability of the hair trimmer is another factor to be considered. Usability refers to how easy it is for users to use the hair trimmer for cutting or trimming their hair. In hair trimmer usability is determined with the shape and the material making the cover of the trimmer. The best hair trimmer should be in a shape that allow the to use them on different areas such as under the armpits, under the nose and around the neck (McCambridge et.al.2007). Trimmers made of materials that are slippery usually provide a difficult experience to users as it keeps on slipping off the hands. Trimmers with a handle made of rubber always provide a good grip and help avoid the trimmer from slipping off the hands.

Thirdly, the size of the comb affects the choice of the the hair trimmer. Different users require to trim their hair to different sizes. Therefore picking a trimmer with the best comb size match is important. Hair trimmer to be chosen should therefore allow the user to adjust the size of the comb to suit different need at different time. In the market, there are hair trimmers that come with several combs of different sizes (McCambridge et.al.2007). Thus this would constitute the best pick based on the comb size requirement.

Fourthly, power supply is another important consideration. Different users should consider picking a hair trimmer depending on whether they want to use the hair directly from electricity or away from the power source that is consider to use hair trimmers that can be charged (Lau and Yan.2004). For hair trimmer that can be charged it is important to consider hair trimmer with batteries that can last for a long time.

Finally, the price of the hair trimmer is an important consideration to many consumers of hair trimmers. Since different hair trimmers have different features and others have the same features (McCambridge et.al.2007). As different users requirement vary, it is important to considers those requirement before making a budget for the hair trimmer.

In conclusion, picking the best hair trimmer is affected by the quality of the blade, usability, size of the comb, battery power and the price of the hair trimmer. All these factors depends on the individual user.


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