Cost of air-conditioner repairs

Everybody likes an office, a home, a car and another enclosed spaced to be comfortable enough to sit in. Talk of even babies. A room doesn’t achieve coziness with elegant furniture sitting in a heat saturated heat but with a temperature controlled and humidified room giving you not only a sweet atmosphere but a microorganism controlled atmosphere. This feat is easily achieved with the presence of Air conditioning system.

Why need an air conditioner, you may ask. An air conditioner is a system for controlling the humidity, ventilation, and temperature inside a vehicle, your apartment, an event hall and definitely in the office. It maintains s cool atmosphere in a warm condition. You can get advice from the experts at air conditioning repair anytime.

Types of air conditioners

There are various models of air conditional produced by several companies to serve multiple purposes and yet achieve the same result. Examples are:

Central Air conditioners: this is designed to cool the whole building at the same time.

Ductless Mini-Split Air conditioners

Evaporative Coolers

Basement Vertical Central Air Handlers

Horizontal attic handlers

Room conditioners

Water-cooled Air conditioners

Wall Unit air conditioners

As enjoyable as an air cooling unit is, it is still prone to spoiling which invariably will need a repair or maintenance. The parts of air conditioners which can often be repaired are usually the main component of this device. They are the compressor, fan, hot condenser, cold conder and chemical refrigerant.

Cost of repairs of Air conditioners and their Parts

The cost of repairs of the AC is often dependent on several factors ranging from the broken part to the model and make of the AC, the extent of damage, how old this air conditioning system is, the size, maintenance, and the applied force.

If your Air conditioner is more than ten years old and its break down, it will be wise to buy a new and more recent one because the cost of repairing an old AC can be high either due to company policies or unavailability of the spare parts.

The extent of damage to your air conditioner also plays a significant part in the cost of repair. While we have a filter pump go for as low as $20, we can have a leaking refrigerant go as high as $1800.

Adequate maintenance of your air conditioning system will keep your pocket from leaking out so much money for repairs, but an AC that has been neglected will cost much to repair when it suffers damages.

The workload on the Ac is also a determinant on how soon and how much you will pay for repairs. Never leave the windows and doors open when the air conditioner is on as this will force the AC to work harder.


Refrigerant Leak repair goes from $150 to $1500

Recharging AC refrigerant cost from $250 to $800

Replacing the control circuit board is $100 to $1300

Thermostat replacement goes from $115 to $550

Compressor replacement costs from $1350 to $2300

Condenser fan motor goes from $45o to $750

Outdoor condensing unit fan motor goes for $200 to $650

Replacing condensing unit coil cost $1900 to $3000

You should not want that if any part of your AC has any issues during the warranty period, you should not hesitate to call the customer care of the brand you purchased. This takes the troubles of the cost from you and gives you a more reliable expert option from the brand. Enjoy this service while you can.

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