8 Pros and Cons of Living in Houston.


Houston is amongst the leading cities in the world that offers a variety of top-class services to its residents. On the other side, Houston has its other sides which may not be friendly to the people living there. Discussed below are the Pros and cons of living in Houston, get a house with Houston Real Estate House Buyers we buy houses if you do decide to live in Houston.

1. Pro-The amount of restaurants and amazing foods here are ridiculous.

In Houston, there are some mouth-watering delicacies available in the restaurants. These restaurants offer quality service courtesy of the well-trained attendants and professional cooks. An example of the available restaurants in the Underbelly restaurant which is a champion in offering scrumptious cornmeal squares and burgers.

2. Pro-There are good educational facilities.

They say education is the key to success. It is for this reason that most parents enroll their children in the best schools in Houston for them to gain knowledge. Equally, they may advance their education at the University of Houston which is ISO certified offering numerous degree course that once they graduate they bring change in the society. For parents and other people who might want to advance their education, or become professors, the University of Houston offers doctorate and post-doctorate programs.

3. Pro-There is a museum in Houston.

Holocaust Museum Houston and the museum of fine arts are the places to be if you have interest in arts. You can be educated and find entertainment in these museums.

4. Pro-There are good medical facilities in Houston.

In Houston, lies the world’s biggest medical facility. It is a center of excellence when it comes to the field of health and research. This facility not only deals with patient care but also research in the pharmaceutical field. Living in Houston is, therefore, an advantage because in the event you get ill or any family member, they are put under the best service worldwide. The chances of recovering from serious health conditions in Houston are high. Equally, the health facility trains students who later on become doctors.

5. Pro-Houston is surrounded by water bodies.

People who enjoy fishing, boating and getting the cool breeze of the lake are equally not left behind. In Houston, there is Lake Conroe which can be used for these activities.

6. Pro-Houston is known for its culture.

The art around Houston is breathtakingly beautiful because it varies from the graffiti walls to Houston pride to the crazy sculptures. Driving around Houston will never be boring because there will always be something new to see. Houston also boasts of amazing celebrities like Beyoncé and Travis Scott these musicians help in the growth of the music industry in Houston.

7. Con-The weather in Houston isn’t friendly.

During winter and spring, the temperatures do not fall as would be required for such seasons. During summer the weather is too hot that can be a nightmare for many people. Equally, when it rains, it pours for several days thus inconveniencing a lot of people especially traders.

8. Con-Houston traffic is absolute madness.

During the rush hours, it is difficult to navigate and find your way home. The traffic might frustrate you a lot. This is one of the reasons why one must think before settling in Houston.


In as much as Houston has its good side, there is also its ugly side. As discussed above its evidently clear that the Pros outweigh the Cons. Therefore you should not hesitate but live in Houston.

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